AM3 AquaMark 3 - Local Mirror and First Benches

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We show you what you can expect performance-wise on today?s hardware. And starting from 15 September @ 15:00 GMT we will provide you with a local download link! 

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ORB / ARC + BenchCheating

AquaMark3 Result Comparator - ARC

AquaMark3 comes with its own AquaMark3 result comparator called ARC you’ll find on the website. The ARC is designed to be the meeting place for every
AquaMark3 user in order to:

• easily administrate his test results even of multiple test runs
• share his results with others
• compare results to other results in the ARC database
• get exact information about the best upgrade for his system
• get all necessary information without confusing data overflow
• communicate with other AquaMark3 users in the AquaMark3 forum

We hope the AquaMark3 ARC™ will become the public scoreboard needed to encourage discussions.
After uploading your test results, be it a single run or an automated test series, you can either
overview or administrate your results (1st step), search for other results and sort them (2nd step) and in
the last step (3rd step) thoroughly compare one of your results to another one.

Madshrimps (c)

Statement of Massive Development AquaMark3 / IHV cooperation & cheating attempts

As a developer of interactive high-end 3D gaming applications and benchmarks we obviously have to collect in-depth Know-How about a specific hardware from it's manufacturer.

This type of cooperation is common practice for all major developers. It serves the sole purpose to utilise the latest technologies in the correct way and thus giving the customer the best gaming and performance experience possible.

You may decide to support a specific hardware platform or a specific hardware feature by a game application. However this not an option for any serious benchmarking application.

While developing AquaMark3 we take precautions in a way so that all IHV's (Independent Hardware Vendors) with a vital interest in AquaMark3 are treated equally. So there is no reason for those vendors to conduct any cheating attempts on AquaMark3.

Once a benchmark is released there are obviously multiple possibilities to cheat its results (both for any IHV and any user). We took precautions to prevent and detect cheating attempts in this post release phase and during the lifetime of AquaMark3. Unfortunately we can not prevent this in all cases by the application itself.

The most powerful anti cheating tool will be the AquaMark Result Comparator (ARC), the online database and the AquaMark3 forum. We will immediately inform all customers about our evaluation of the latest cheating attempts (if they should happen).

As a developer of high end 3D gaming applications we will of course be very specific and accurate when we have to judge if a specific optimization is of general interest or if it only targets AquaMark3 in a questionable way.

We are always open to discuss our policy with interested users in this forum.

Alexander Jorias / Managing Director Massive Development
Ingo Frick / Technical Director Massive Development

Taken from this forumtopic at the AquaMark3 forums.

AquaMark 3 Download

Madshrimps (c)

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(Other mirrors)

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