AQIRYS ALYA 2.0 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2024-05-05

After fully charging the headset, we started listening to different YouTube videos, watched a couple of movies but also played a couple of sessions in NFS Unbound, Fallout 4, Minion Masters and Dead Island Definitive Edition; we have noted an improvement regarding high and mid frequencies, which resulted in clearer voices, while maintaining a good representation of bass, ideal for a gaming headset! The battery capacity has been also doubled with the new revision, allowing up to 50 hours of usage from a single charge, while the 4-hour charge time remained the same, which is great!

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At first, we would like to thank AQIRYS for offering us a sample of their ALYA 2.0 Wireless Gaming Headset for testing and reviewing.






“AQIRYS is about IT products and hardware dedicated to gaming.

Our solutions are developed and perfected by a passionate team with over 15 years of expertise in the IT & gaming industry, heavily focused on variety, quality, and affordability.

We all are avid gamers, some of us even reaching pro levels. Top that with the excitement for PC modding and overclocking that was well established through our parent company about 13 years ago (the first company in our country to receive the NVIDIA SLI certification).

The whole experience we amassed from gaming and crafting super high-end PC’s is now put to work in developing the AQIRYS products.

Our final goal is to deliver these products in a cool, dynamic way to people who are keen or enthusiastic about PC gaming and modding, making them feel more satisfied than before.

Welcome to AQIRYS! The galaxy of gaming tools that will lead you to victory!

Fun fact

Our logo resembles the image of a galaxy, the AQIRYS galaxy, which revolves in the universe of gaming and technology. That is why most of our products will borrow their names from actual stars, planets or other celestial bodies. We invite you to check out the fun facts on each product page and discover some cool stuff about the actual Universe!”


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