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A lot of gamers are still using TKL keyboards but some are already transitioning to the 65% form factor due to maximum efficiency of used space (all estate is actually used while TKL still has some gaps between the top row and the rest of the keys but also on the right side). The directional keys are still dedicated, allowing for easy usage in case of office use and CHERRY XTRFY has made available plenty of other functions such as multimedia and input selection, by just using Fn.

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At first, we would like to thank CHERRY XTRFY for offering a sample of their MX-LP 2.1 COMPACT WIRELESS WHITE Gaming Keyboard for testing and reviewing.




“Following the successful acquisition of Xtrfy by CHERRY, the two renowned brands have joined forces to create CHERRY XTRFY – an innovative powerhouse in the gaming peripherals industry, set to be the new home for all future gaming peripherals, encompassing both existing and upcoming offerings from CHERRY and Xtrfy.


CHERRY and Xtrfy proudly unveil their new name, logo, and visual identity, signaling a fresh era in cutting-edge gaming gear and a unified portfolio of gaming peripherals.


“The merger of Xtrfy by CHERRY is a prime example of how diversification is crucial in esports. Both companies bring different strengths, networks, and product expertise, which complement each other perfectly. With the fusion of German engineering and Swedish design, this partnership is a match made in heaven, united by a shared love of gaming. As we move forward, we are excited to introduce our new gaming peripherals brand, which is driven by our vision for the future of esports. This vision encompasses diversity and inclusion, as we aim to promote a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone can participate and thrive”, says René Schulz, Vice President Business Unit Peripherals at CHERRY.


The revamped identity reflects the brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and the pursuit of next-generation esports equipment.


“We’re passionate about esports and after years of collaborating with professional players, we’re putting our hearts into growing our presence in competitive gaming. Ramping up our efforts in esports, we’re committed to creating new products that help gamers win. Our dedication is symbolized by the Winner symbol – X – and verbalized through the CHERRY XTRFY tagline: In it to win it”, says Joakim Jansson, Managing Director and Co-founder of Xtrfy.


The new brand and gaming peripherals will be housed under, and more news will be unveiled at CHERRY XTRFY’s event in Cologne, Germany on April 26th.”

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