i-Rocks K71R Rechargeable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2023-08-08

Thanks to the Gateron Red RGB switches, the typing on the K71R is similar as owing a keyboard with CHERRY MX Reds, while the noise when actuating is minimized thanks to the integrated absorbing pad. The experience is similar with the ALUDRA TKL we have checked out some while back and we have had no issues when playing games such as Diablo 4, Last Epoch and GTA V, but also when doing productivity work while in the office.

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At first, we would like to thank i-Rocks for supplying a sample of their K71R Rechargeable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for testing and reviewing.




About i-Rocks:

“i-Rocks Technology was founded in Taiwan and started manufacturing OEM products for various technology companies. From then onwards, i-Rocks has established its own brand name, designing, and producing IT-related peripherals and accessories for the everyday IT user.

Since then, i-Rocks has come a long way since the start of its branding. As the new generation of users are demanding products of higher quality at better value, we needed to push ourselves in the R&D department to exceed expectations of the modern-day users. Currently, i-Rocks is focused on manufacturing and providing heavy IT users e.g., professional, and casual gamers, IT workers, and gadget fans their required equipment.

Company Branches and Info

Currently, our headquarters is in Taiwan while we have manufacturing facilities in China. Our individual branches are also available in various countries – USA, South Korea, China, and Malaysia.

Roles in Competitive Gaming and eSports

With the current rising of E-sports in the world, i-Rocks has been involved in various aspects of E-sports as well, in the form of team and event sponsorships. We truly believe that E-sports is only in its infant stages and needs every form of support that it can. As a competitive gaming equipment manufacturer and brand, we are compelled to support E-sports as much as we can.


At i-Rocks, our mission is to be one of the leading IT brands and manufacturers in the world. Instead of just being the best by the marketing hype or sales numbers, we want to create and build products that our users will love and support with all their heart.”


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