Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G NVMe Gen4 2280 2TB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2023-03-12

The new Rocket 4 Plus-G 2TB performed admirably in our tests, trading punches with the non-G variant while kept blank but outperforming it when filled more than 50%. We did also note a sustained write rate much higher than the drives we have tested before, being able to finish writing over 1.1TB with about 2.7GB/s, which is quite impressive! The offered heatsink really does its job and prevents throttling during intense workloads, for the Rocket 4 Plus-G to always perform at its top.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:



Microsoft’s DirectStorage API provides an optimized path to storage which can reduce CPU overhead and I/O latency. This allows powerful NVMe SSDs to make the most of their innate parallelization to reduce load times and improve asset streaming. In the future it will also utilize your GPU to aid in decompression.

Content Creation

Not only can the Rocket 4 Plus G store it all, but it also enables you to multi-task with newfound agility. Game and create content at the same time. The Rocket 4 Plus-G is built for gaming under all conditions and can boost your productivity simultaneously.

High Capacity

Operating systems, game libraries, prosumer applications, and high-definition media - all are accessible from this singularly remarkable drive. Store it all with capacities up to a massive 4TB using the latest 3D TLC flash. Never delete a game to free up space again and stash your favorite 4K videos without worry.

Max Bandwidth

The Rocket 4 Plus G thrusts you into action at up to over 7GBps with immediate responsiveness to make sure you’re never left playing catch-up. Patience is a virtue, but velocity is divine. Forget annoying hitching and stuttering. Load environments and assets more quickly than ever before for silky-smooth gameplay.

State-Of-The-Art SSD

The new Rocket 4 Plus G is ready for take-off: our state-of-the-art O2 GO firmware helps launch the fastest storage - on or off the planet - to unprecedented heights. Never let your personal gaming adventure be cut short or hampered by glitchy playback. This is one SSD that can keep up with whatever you throw at it. Endurance is the name of the game, and it will never let you down.

O2 Game-Optimized Firmware

At the core of our Rocket 4 Plus G is our newest O2 GO firmware. It is specially engineered to elevate our cutting-edge hardware to all-new levels. Sustain high levels of performance throughout your long gaming session, without ever missing a beat.


Product Specifications:




Item model number: SB-RKTG-2TB

Item Weight: 2.71 ounces

Product Dimensions: ‎3.15 x 0.87 x 0.14 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.15 x 0.87 x 0.14 inches

Hard Drive Interface: ‎NVMe

Memory Components: TLC


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