Crucial 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5-5200 Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2023-03-05

The new 5200MHz memory modules from Crucial are a great improvement in terms of overclocking versus their 4800MHz counterparts we have tested before, being able to reach 5800MHz without too much of a hassle, just by increasing the stock voltage to 1.25 and keeping the timings as the manufacturer intended. For compatibility sakes, we are also getting a 4800MHz XMP profile, while AMD users would be happy to know that these feature an EXPO profile as well!

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Packaging, A Closer Look

It’s time to check another Crucial DDR5 memory kit, since new models have been released, with higher stock frequencies. The CT2K16G52C42U5 SKU incorporates two 16GB modules, running at 5200MHz and with a CAS latency of 42, while the operating voltage is 1.1V.


As the 4800MHz model, the kit has arrived inside a transparent plastic, simple enclosure, with two stickers on top:




The main sticker does show the total capacity of the kit, the running frequency, the internal code name, the rated voltage, CAS, but also its serial number:




The modules do not feature a heatspreader, so the ICs are clearly visible; for a more professional look, the module PCB is all black:




The frontal side of the PCB does come with a sticker, which shows two QR codes, the product code name but also the technical details we have mentioned before:




The new ICs come with the D8DDZ code name, as opposed with D8BNJ we have seen with the 4800MHz SKUs; these are eight in total:




The Power Management Integrated Circuit is a P8911Y0 from Renesas:




On the back side of the module, we won’t find any extra components (only 32GB modules are dual-sided):




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