ECS LIVA One H610 Barebone Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2022-10-14

The LIVA One H610 barebone performance will be strictly linked to the hardware you install with it, and we have found that the i3-12100 SKU works best when talking about performance coupled with a low noise level. We really appreciate the tool-less configuration of the barebone (besides the need of a small screwdriver for the heatsink mounting system), which makes the installation even faster.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

ECS have recently outed another interesting barebone which can house both 35W and 65W LGA1700 Intel processors with integrated graphics. As we have noted with the LIVA One A300, ECS is building two SKUs from the same series, the 35W model coming without the ventilation grills on top:




The LIVA One H610 name is suggestive since the barebone includes the H610 chipset at its heart, with a power consumption of just 6W.

The barebone is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard enclosure, with a top plastic handle:




On the side of the box, we will note the hardware specifications, but also the product serial number:



After removing the top packaging layer, we will end up with a plain cardboard box:



After removing the top cover, we will end up seeing the main product sitting secure inside a cardboard mold, but also the Quick Guide:



The installation is done quite straight-forward without needing extra tools besides a small screwdriver for the heatsink screws, which is great!



The bottom layer is holding the rest of the hardware bundle:



A closer look does reveal the power lead, the power adapter, an additional box, the vertical stand but also the VESA adapter:



The power adapter was manufactured by FSP Group Inc. and is rated on the output as 19V at 6.32A (120W total):




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