Neo Forza TRINITY JETBLACK DDR5 6000 64GB (2x32GB) Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2022-10-07

The TRINITY JETBLACK 64GB DDR6000 C40 is actually the first high-capacity kit we have tested being able to run at said high frequency (6000MHz) guaranteed, by just enabling XMP, it’s that easy! Neo Forza has all kits tested and sorted in-house but sometimes, depending on the used motherboard, it is a hit and miss regarding reaching the desired frequency, as we have noted with our EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED, while on the MSI Z690 TORPEDO, the kit worked like a charm.

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Product Features


Award-winning high-quality overclocking DRAM trusted by many

-professionally sorted ICs

-RGB customizable effects

-low latency timings

-profiles up to DDR5-7000

-12-layer PCB for excellent power delivery

-limited lifetime warranty


TRINITY : RGB effects controlled via motherboards’ software for integrating with your favorite presets


Overclocking ease – performance stability

In-house customized binning techniques assure each sorted chip to meeting enthusiasts’ expectations


Quality assurance

Backed by Neo Forza limited lifetime warranty, legitimate defects are covered after purchase.


Heatspreader by IB-Cool

Excellent heat-dissipation performance under overclocked conditions. Designed by the in-house specialist team (IB-Cool), this aspect gives you peace of mind, excellent gaming performance and aesthetics.


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