LattePanda 3 Delta 864 Single Board Computer Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2022-09-11

The new LattePanda 3 Delta does offer good mainstream performance for the low power it uses in full load, while remaining very silent even during consistent loads for long periods of time. The mini-PC can be used as-is by taking advantage of the pre-installed Windows 10 OS or by upgrading to Windows 11 or even erasing the whole partition and moving to Linux. This was thought as a development platform for tinkerers thanks to the included Arduino ATmega32U4 and is compatible with hundreds of sensors and actuators.

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At first we would like to thank LattePanda for sending us a sample of the LattePanda 3 Delta 864 for testing and reviewing.



About LattePanda:


“We provide innovative and reliable SBCs (Single board computer) with latest technology for makers and developers, to help them achieve ideas or projects without threshold.


Over the past years, LattePanda has expanded from makers to industry scenarios. Our products has become the key parts of various industry projects, and fostering a strong developer community. In near future, LattePanda strives to be the most innovative provider to create solutions for IoT, edge computing and AI applications.”


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