Creative Outlier Pro TWS Sweatproof In-Ear Headphones Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2022-07-08

With the introduction of the 10mm Graphene-coated drivers, Outlier Pro impresses quite a lot regarding the low frequency delivery, as we have noted after playing numerous music videos and watching vlogs on YouTube. The treble is not so harsh as we have seen with lower-priced in-ears, making the buds more pleasing during long music listening sessions or conferences. Speaking of calls, the inclusion of the AAC, SBC Bluetooth codecs allows for good quality microphone audio, as we noted when trying Skype, but also Teams.

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Product Features


Block the world out and have your own personal space wherever you go. Featuring hybrid ANC that utilizes feedforward and feedback microphones on each earbud, the Creative Outlier Pro detects your surrounding sounds and monitors what you hear, effectively cancelling out surrounding noise so you can focus on what truly matters to you.

Feedforward Mic:

Placed on the outside to detect surrounding noise, which is then cancelled out by the ANC technology's anti-signal in response to the noise detected

Feedback Mic:

Placed on the inside to monitor what users actually hear, so the ANC technology can respond and correct the signals accordingly

When you need to hear your surroundings, you don't have to pause the music or take the noise cancelling earbuds out. Simply double tap on the left earbud to switch over to Ambient Mode and let in just the right amount of surrounding sound—just enough to order a coffee or hear the traffic when cycling. You can also customize the amount of sound to let in via the Noise Control module in the Creative app!



The Creative Outlier Pro comes with a whopping 60 hours of total battery life! For an average user, you can charge them as sparsely as twice a month!



The Creative Outlier Pro has three microphones built into each earbud, working together to ensure you sound loud and clear on voice calls—whether you're chilling in a park or working from home. The microphones detect the environmental sounds and focus on picking up just your voice, suppressing the background noise and chatter around you.



Better voice pickup also means you won't have to repeat yourself to Siri and Google Assistant. Activate your preferred assistant with three light taps on the left earbud, and command away!



Skip through your playlist, answer calls, or toggle between ANC mode and Ambient Mode—control them all just with a few taps on your earbuds. For more freedom, you can even customize your own tap controls via the Creative app and use them in the most intuitive way to you.



Experience full, rich audio with the Creative Outlier Pro, which is equipped with 10 mm graphene-coated driver diaphragms that efficiently delivers pristine and accurate sounds for any type of content. Coupled with improved wireless stability of Bluetooth® 5.2, the wireless experience with Outlier Pro is both reliable and enjoyable.

When it's time to catch up with your favorite TV series or play some mobile games, head over to the Creative app and turn Low Latency Mode on. This new feature reduces the latency of Outlier Pro by more than half, effectively minimizing that Bluetooth transmission time-lag, so you can enjoy fully synchronized audio and video!



Whether you're caught in a drizzle on the way home, or need to focus on your strength training at the gym, you don't have to worry about the Outlier Pro. With IPX5-certified water resistance, the earbuds can withstand the occasional splash. Work out in peace to your favorite beats with the Outlier Pro and keep going whether rain3 or shine.

3 IPX5 water-resistant devices are protected against low pressure water jets from any direction, including light or moderate rain.



Passive noise isolation is just as important for effective noise suppression. That's why we want to make sure our earbuds fit perfectly in your ears. Select your best fit from the three sets of soft silicone ear tips, try on the different sizes for each ear, and find the optimal ear tips for you!



Super X-Fi technology recreates a professional, multi-speaker system experience in your headphones so you can hear sounds naturally like how it's meant to be heard. Creative Outlier Pro is a certified Super X-Fi READY* headphone that is specially tuned for optimum performance with the SXFI App. By utilizing the SXFI App on your mobile, you can enjoy a preview of Super X-Fi Headphone Holography on local content and enjoy cinematic audio even while on the go! Read more about the highly-rated technology and its numerous accolades.


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