AQIRYS ALUDRA TKL Gaming Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2022-07-01

The Gateron Red switches employed by the ALUDRA TKL are similar in behavior with the stock CHERRY MX Reds, having a force of 45 gF, a travel of 4 mm, while the feedback is linear. As we have noted before with other keyboards using this switch type, these are great for both gaming and typing while being decently silent. This keyboard does not feature foam dampening as high-end offerings from Mountain, meaning that we will occasionally hear the specific noise of keys bottoming out.

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Product Features


At your fingertips, you will find precision delivered in the unmistakable silky smooth typing feeling of the Gateron mechanical switches engineered for gaming and office. The Red version carried by ALUDRA TKL sports linear behavior and a quiet sound level, having an actuation point of 2 mm and 45 gF actuation force.



Having the keyboard in sync even with fast-paced gameplay is of paramount importance, so an N-key rollover special circuitry watches that no critical command is ever missed, making ALUDRA TKL full anti-ghosting capable.

Ultra-robust elements like the premium ABS frame and 50M keystrokes rated GATERON mechanical switches for long-lasting performance are pointers that this keyboard is built and ready to withstand a lifetime of using and abusing.



Preferred by e-sport professionals, the compact 10-keyless layout not only saves desk space but also improves ergonomics for intense gaming sessions by keeping the hands closer and enabling ample quicker mouse movements. Complementary, a two-stage height adjustment system puts the wrists at your optimum angle for fast typing.

A detachable USB-C cable makes it easier to take the keyboard to gaming tournaments, and 3-way cable management with under-keyboard built-in channels lets you position and exit the cord at the desired location on the desk.


Make it yours! – future switch replacement and customization with exotic models is possible due to the hot-swap keyboard design (compatible with Gateron, Cherry, and Kailh switches); top that with the spectrum of changing the keycaps too. For starters, we’ve included an extra slim spacebar for those who prefer a different profile.

And since we don’t fancy bland stuff much, ALUDRA TKL is showing off our exclusive and unique layout design so you can have fun using a high-performance gaming keyboard that stands out from the pack.

Lastly, a full-RGB dynamic illumination system fires up ALUDRA TKL’s looks, both upfront and on the edges, while the intuitive AQIRYS software gives access to further customization.


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