Neo Forza Faye 64GB (2x32GB) 4000MHz C19 DDR4 Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2022-05-16

The Neo Forza Faye 2x32GB C19 kit did perform great on our Alder Lake system and offers quite a bit of capacity, which transforms your computer into a workhorse for many applications ran at once such as virtual machines, video encoding, large databases and so on.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Quintessential Overclocking Choice

-professionally sorted chips

-10-layer PCB for excellent power delivery

-low-latency timings

-XMP 2.0 profiles

-limited lifetime warranty


No Bells. No Whistles. All Raw.

FAYE series is designed specifically for the budget-conscious enthusiasts eking out every drop of performance from their rigs. Used by DYIers, e-Sportsters and Overclockers, worldwide FAYE delivers quality, performance, and value.


Overclocking Ease – Performance Stability

In-house customized binning techniques assure each sorted chip to meeting enthusiasts’ expectations.


Quality Assurance

Backed by Neo Forza’s limited lifetime warranty, legitimate defects are covered after purchase.


Product Specifications:



Brand: Neo Forza

Series: Faye

Model: NMUD432F82-4000FG20



Capacity: 64GB (2 x 32GB)

Speed: DDR4-4000 (PC4-32000)

CAS Latency: 19

Timing: 19-23-23-46

Voltage: 1.40V


Buffered/Registered: Unbuffered

Multi-channel Kit: Dual Channel Kit

Chipset: Intel XMP 2.0

Color: Black

Heat Spreader: Yes

Recommend Use: High Performance or Gaming Memory


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