Neo Forza 32GB (2x16GB) 2933MHz C21 DDR4 SODIMM Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2022-03-20

Working with locked BIOSes and low power systems is a real challenge when trying memory kits with higher speeds. Neo Forza has thought in advance about this particular aspect and provided tons of profiles preloaded to the DIMMs in order to avoid compatibility issues and we could enjoy quite a speed boost on the DL20N6 system, in both productivity applications but also in 3D, while keeping the same 10W power envelope. Could we mention again that the system is fanless which makes it more interesting?

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Robust Longevity – Low Power Consumption


Modules conform to, and exceed JEDEC standards. Under 24/7 harsh ambient conditions, the reliable modules maintain full stability.


Chip Specialist


Through customized chip-processes and engineering expertise honed over 25 years, Goldkey Technology Corporation which owns Neo Forza, has since been manufacturing professional quality products. End-to-end from prototyping to mass-production, for international corporations and government institutions.


Conformance – Compatibility


Deeply entrenched in the industry, the company has since been working closely with the principals and PC board manufacturers to assure customers excellent compatibility amongst known mainboard brands.


Assurance – Traction


Since 1998, the company has been manufacturing DRAM products for global clientele. Although Neo Forza may be a relative newcomer, the Goldkey is not. Neo Forza is based on the accumulated expertise and track record of Goldkey and its products are regarded to be highly reliable, be it in the entry-level segment or high-end.


Product Specifications:


Model Code name: NMSO416E82-2933EA10

Capacity: 32GB (2x16GB)

Speed: DDR4-2933

CAS Latency: 21

Timings: 21-21-21-47-68 (CAS-RAS2CAS-RAS Precharge-tRAS-tRC)

Operating voltage: 1.2V


Buffered/Registered: Unbuffered

Heatspreader: No

Features: PnP

Recommended use: Laptops, boards with SO-DIMM slots


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