BIOSTAR Z690A VALKYRIE LGA1700 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel LGA1700 by stefan @ 2022-03-11

The Z690A Valkyrie from BIOSTAR has impressed us in terms of performance, even when running with the memory at a lower speed of 3600MHz. The UEFI BIOS is well optimized and we can obtain good results with top CPUs from Intel’s Alder Lake generation, while the VRM hardware implementation with 20 phases ensures and a beefy cooling system will keep the temperatures at bay, even while overclocking. The connectivity options are top-notch and besides a lot of USBs on the I/O, we can install more thanks to the internal headers, up to 4 M.2 SSDs and also slower drives such as HDDs or 2.5’’ via the eight SATA ports.

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Product Features

2oz Copper?8-Layer?Low-loss PCB

Providing stable power and higher energy efficiency, it's able to offer the best overclocking experience.


Supports DDR4 -5000+(OC)

Deliver higher performance and DIMM capacities

Improve data integrity and lower power consumption

Feature Daisy Chain design and offer better memory overclocking


PCIe 5.0

A New-Generation transmission technology

Data transfer rate from 16 GT/s PCIe 4.0 to 32 GT/s PCIe 5.0. (2 times faster)

PCIe 5.0 can be backward compatible with PCIe 4.0 and previous versions


Armor Gear

Protects I/O interfaces

Improves thermal dissipation

Synchronize it to build your own color gaming lights


Digital PWM

Increases system efficiency

Has faster transient performance

Delivers stable power and reliability


105A Dr. MOS

Makes you overclock smoothly

Improves thermal performance

Delivers superior efficiency and performance



Strengthens electrical stability

Makes internet more stability at home

Prevents damage from lightning strikes and electrical surges



Offers more colorful lighting options

Supports to a wide array of peripherals

Comes with the RGB 12V LED header and ARGB 5V LED header



Change system colors

Enjoy the process of computer modding

Customize the on-board LEDs and LED ROCK ZONE


CPU OPT Header

Keep your computer stable

Connect any kind of water coolers

Enjoy awesome liquid cooling system



It has automatic detection system

Ensures optimum performance and save more energy

Detects temperature of PC to make fan operate at defined speed


Smart Update

Biostar Smart Update is a utility that can help users run online update. It can download the drivers for your motherboard from Biostar official website and install them automatically.


USB 3.2 GEN2X2 20Gb/s

Reversible Type C connector

Improves data transmission speed

Has a max data transfer rate of 20Gbps


4 Port Display

With INTEL 12th Gen processors can do 4K 60Hz / 5K 60Hz


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