be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm AIO Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by stefan @ 2022-01-17

Pure Loop 240mm is built from high-quality materials, is easy to install thanks to the provided instructions and provides an innovative pump design for eliminating noise and vibrations inside the case. While this version of the Pure Loop is indicated as recommended for i3/i5 processors from Intel, it could handle the power-hungry i7-12700K CPU as well, by keeping the temperatures under TjMAX, while the noise levels remained at low levels due to the use of two Pure Wings 2 120mm fans.

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At first, we would like to thank be quiet! for sending us a sample of their Pure Loop 240mm AIO for testing and reviewing.




About be quiet!:

“be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases, water and air cooling and fans for desktop PCs. The products of be quiet! offer legendary quiet operation and first-class performance thanks to our passion for quality and precision. A special focus is on product quality and details. Which is why our very own experts lead product conception, design and quality control from our headquarters in Germany.

Exceptionally quiet operation

be quiet! lives up to its name: 20 years of experience in product development make be quiet! products amongst the most silent ones on the market.

Undoubtedly the fans are an integral factor in minimizing the noise levels of our products. That's why the be quiet! assortment features custom-developed fans like the Silent Wings, that are equipped with a variety of noise-reducing features such as special bearings, smooth-operation motors, optimized airflow and anti-vibration decoupling. Thanks to these fans, be quiet! products attain a perfect balance of ideal cooling performance and virtually inaudible operation.

Customers of be quiet! products are guaranteed to receive proven premium quality and the typically silent be quiet! operation.

Developed in Germany

Since its foundation in 2001, all be quiet! products are conceived and designed in Germany. The development takes place in close cooperation with our locations in Asia. The final quality control also takes place at our headquarters near Hamburg. This is how be quiet! ensures that every product meets our high standards.

This successful concept is not only regularly confirmed by awards from the European Hardware Association as well as renowned trade magazines and online portals, but also by the growing community and customers all over the world.”


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