Silicon Power PD60 M.2 Enclosure Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2021-10-22

The PD60 enclosure from Silicon Power is easy to use for testing many SSDs you have laying around or you need to troubleshoot faulty systems. By using a simple sliding mechanism and some adapters, you can accommodate different SSD formats and the removal is not a problem unless you are using 2280 models. In this case, you also need to use a plastic spudger inside the opening of the back of the plastic enclosure to lift the SSD upwards, moving the plastic clip won’t release the SSD completely.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

In this article we will cover another interesting tool from Silicon Power, which is becoming more and more mandatory for computer tinkerers, at home or during work hours. The PD60 Enclosure really helps recovering data when you do have a crashed computer/motherboard and the SSD was not affected or you simply need to move data faster from one place to another while troubleshooting other hardware. The enclosure comes with a tool-less design for easy swapping, while the aluminum casing gives the whole design additional durability but also a professional look.


The product was shipped inside a compact cardboard enclosure, which shows the connection options but also some product highlights:




The installation procedure is shown in two separate steps, on the side:




On the bottom layer, we will note the product specifications, package contents, details of the service centers but also the product internal code name and serial number:




After unsealing the box and lifting the top cover, we will find the main product, wrapped inside a transparent plastic bag, but also sitting secure inside a cardboard mold:




The hardware bundle is individually packaged as well:




For connection to the computer, the PD60 relies on an USB-C to USB-C type of cable:




Some rubber adapters are also provided for fitting smaller-sized SSDs:




The PD60 housing looks great, with the aluminum housing and SP logo in the middle, not feeling cheap at all:





The back side of the housing does not come with extra inscriptions:




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