Neo Forza eSports NFP075 M.2 2280 2TB PCIe SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2021-08-29

The NFP075 2TB M.2 SSD comes with 3D TLC NAND, not QLC and this really reflects in high transfer speeds, even after the pseudo-SLC space has been filled but also when looking at the rated TBW. While Neo Forza guarantees an endurance of 1550 TB for the 2TB model, we have noted an SSD from another brand which uses similar components with a TBW of no less than 3115, so we think that the declared value is a bit low, which is great! The drive positions itself in terms of performance with other high-specced PCIe 3.0 drives on the market such as the Crucial P5 and won't throttle during intense use if installed in a well ventilated case.

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At first, we would like to thank Neo Forza for sending us a sample of their eSports NFP075 M.2 2280 2TB PCIe SSD for testing and reviewing.




About Neo Forza:


Capacity is Power, Speed is King

We are a professional team, studying in computer memory and storage devices industry for more than 10 years.


In order to meet the rising demand on speed and capacity of the high-end gaming market players, we created Neo Forza, a new generation of ultra-standard overclocking module, SSD and other related storage device designing brand.


— Neo Forza – The New Force for Gaming market?


Neo-represents from virtual to reality, showing our core value for product innovation.


Forza– shows our strength and determination to meet gamers every need.


Neo Forza possess strong resources, focus on core technology. From research & design, specific production to exceed the testing benchmark; Neo Forza keep pushing over technical boundary, providing top-notch performance and quality, providing gamers / game players extraordinary using experience.


Neo Forza beliefs

– High components integration

– Top-notch engineering technology

– Uncompromising for quality and effectiveness

– Constant logistics and services

– Constant upgrading and breaking boundaries”


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