Silicon Power Blast Plug BP81 Earphones Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2021-07-16

After effortlessly pairing the BP81 to our S21 Samsung smartphone, we went ahead and listened to multiple videoclips, but also some podcasts. The voices can be heard loud and clear, mids are decent but the earphones do fall a bit short on the lows; the bass is not as well represented as on recently TWS models from Creative or Razer, but those are in a completely different price segment as well. We have tested the microphone quality as well while doing some test calls in Skype, and the quality of the audio is manageable…we think that the average quality of audio is also due to lack of HD audio codec support.

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Product Features

A seamless experience with Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 technology provides stronger wireless connectivity for an improved listening experience versus Bluetooth 4 – that means clearer sound, greater range, and a more stable signal. Plus, the earbuds automatically pair with your device upon withdrawal from the case (after the initial but simple pairing set-up) for instant delivery of impressively rich sound and powerful bass.


15 hours of truly wireless playtime

The stylish cylinder-shaped charging case has a magnetic pull that provides easy, convenient, and secure closure. As soon as the earbuds are inserted into the case, an integrated auto-charge function will begin charging them instantly. One hour of charge time gives you up to three hours of playtime, and a fully charged case will provide five charge cycles – that’s up to fifteen hours of truly wireless playtime!


Don’t sweat it (pun intended)

The BP81 earbuds are water- and sweat-resistant with an IPX5 certification. That means you can enjoy your favorite tunes in even more places. So, whether you’re at the gym for an intense workout session or you get caught in the rain without an umbrella, don’t sweat it – or do – because these earbuds can take it.


Music at its utmost convenience

These lightweight and truly wireless earbuds will seamlessly integrate into your daily life for the most enjoyable listening experience. Whether you're commuting to work via public transit, studying for the next exam at the campus café, or sunbathing at the public swimming pool, tune out the world by sliding into your own world effortlessly with the BP81 earbuds.


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