Creative Sound Blaster Jam V2 Ultralight On-ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2021-06-21

We have tested the Sound Blaster JAM V2 on one of our test laptops (DELL Latitude 7470) in wired and wireless mode but also while connected to the Samsung S21 smartphone. The connection procedure can be done in just a few seconds and you are ready to go! The sound quality is noticeably better in terms of bass versus a pair of in-ear headphones, while the rest of the frequencies are clearly represented when using decent volume levels. The dual-microphone setup does well during conferences, but do not expect it to match the fidelity of a boom mic.

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Product Features

Enjoy Premium Audio Quality Wirelessly

There's no need to sacrifice audio quality for convenience. The Sound Blaster JAM V2 features advanced audio codecs1 for all kinds of usage!

With aptX HD, savor better-than-CD quality streaming when listening to music. Hear every intricate detail and enjoy the increased clarity and depth from your music, all wirelessly via the Sound Blaster JAM V2.

The headphones also come with aptX Low Latency, a codec designed to intelligently reduce Bluetooth audio lag to an indiscernible amount without any sacrifice in audio quality. Enjoy synchronized audio and visuals when watching movies or playing games with aptX LL!


Seamless Connection with Two Devices

Besides the addition of the premium audio codecs, we've also upgraded Sound Blaster JAM V2 with Bluetooth 5.0 for uninterrupted wireless audio streaming.

Furthermore, you can listen to music on your laptop and answer a call on your phone with the Sound Blaster JAM V2 without having to disconnect and reconnect the devices! This can be done via the Multipoint connectivity feature, which allows you to connect up to two Bluetooth devices to the headphones at the same time, and switch between them seamlessly. Simply stop the audio on the first device and start playing on the second to switch your audio source!


Light but Strong

Weighing less than 100g (3.5 oz), the headphones are lightweight, but its sound quality is not. Expect a compelling audio performance with our high-performance 32 mm Neodymium drivers, which delivers rich and clean sound that is perfect for music, movies, or games.

Watching a captivating movie and want to really feel the action? Hit the Bass Boost button to pump up the bass in the Sound Blaster JAM V2! Feel the explosions pop and the ground rumble and enjoy a more immersive experience in your movies or games with just a press of a button.


Personalize Your Music

Music sounds best when it's customized to your personal preferences. Whether you're a bass head or more into hearing all the nuances in the vocals, the new Creative App allows you to change the EQ settings the way you like it in wired mode.

Access Sound Blaster's graphic EQ customization, SmartComms Kit, and other playback and microphone settings in the all-in-one Creative App!



Smart Tools for Smart Communications

Sick of repeating yourself or asking “Can you hear me now?” for the nth time? Online conference calls don't have to be such a drag.

Introducing SmartComms Kit, which features our brand new bundle of smart communication technologies designed to improve your online calls experience. Turn on VoiceDetect to auto mute and unmute your mic without having to move a muscle or get rid of all background noise in your own environment as well as the other parties via our two-way noise cancellation technology NoiseClean.

Simply download the Creative App and use the Sound Blaster JAM V2 in wired mode with your computer to gain access to these advanced features and communicate like a pro!


Double Mic, Double Clarity

Sound Blaster JAM V2 comes with dual microphones and Qualcomm cVc™ 8.0 noise cancellation technology, which work in tandem to pick up your voice and suppress background noise to bring you superior call experiences in Bluetooth mode. Be heard clearly in calls wherever you are, whether you're in office or at the mall.


22 Hours of Enjoyment

Always out and about? No worries, the Sound Blaster JAM V2 can last through your entire day with up to 22 hours of battery life3. When it does run out of juice, you can switch to wired listening via a USB-C cable, or conveniently charge it with the same USB-C cable for 10 minutes and you're good to go for another 4 hours!


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