BIOSTAR RACING B550M-Silver AM4 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/AMD AM4 by stefan @ 2021-05-31

The entry-level to mainstream B550M-Silver board is a solid offering from BIOSTAR, meant for more compact systems, but with interfaces available as on a fully-fledged ATX board. The color scheme is quite catchy and does not come with any RGB lighting, but the users can sync their own RGB hardware by using the included headers. We can accommodate quite a bit of RAM thanks to the total of four memory slots, while storage can be installed in the two M.2 PCIe slots but also via the six SATA III 6Gbps ports. The VRM cooling system allows installation of larger heatsinks, while the included wiring for WiFi allows an easy upgrade if a wireless card is installed in the designated area.

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Product Features

Digital PWM

Increases system efficiency

Has faster transient performance

Delivers stable power and reliability



Makes you overclock smoothly

Improves thermal performance

Delivers superior efficiency and performance


Supports DDR4- 4400+(OC)

Deliver higher performance and DIMM capacities

Improve data integrity and lower power consumption


PCIe 4.0

Supports a 16GT/s bit rate

Maintains backward compatibility

It is 2X bandwidth than PCIe 3.0


PCIe M.2 4.0

Delivers lower latency

Delivers the highest bandwidth 64Gb/s

It is 2 times faster than PCIe M.2 3.0


Debug LED

Inform you on the status of your board or hardware

Helps you identify any issues going with your board or hardware



Offers more colorful lighting options

Supports to a wide array of peripherals

Comes with the RGB 12V LED header and ARGB 5V LED header


CPU OPT Header

Keep your computer stable

Connect any kind of water coolers

Enjoy awesome liquid cooling system



Change system colors

Enjoy the process of computer modding

Customize the on-board LEDs and LED ROCK ZONE



Strengthens electrical stability

Makes internet more stability at home

Prevents damage from lightning strikes and electrical surges


EZ Mode

Features easy-to-use BIOS system interface

Guides you to solve your problems with ease

Makes everything as simple and efficient as possible


A.I TP Control

Provides a user-friendly BIOS environment

Enjoy extreme overclocking performance

WiFi 6 Support

Improves network efficiency

Provides a wider range to increase network capacity

*No Wifi 6 card included


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