Mountain Makalu 67 White Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-12-03

The white version of the Makalu 67 sports the same features versus the black one we have previously reviewed, but there have been made notable improvements regarding the RGB lighting implementation, the build is now even more solid versus the beta edition (we have noted no flex at all when pressing on the chassis), while the 5-degree angle strain relief is better implemented. We do particularly enjoy the white version because it highlights the black programmable buttons with ease and at the same time it attracts eyes more, especially when integrated with an all-black system build.

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Firstly, we would like to thank Mountain for offering us a sample of their Makalu 67 White Gaming Mouse for testing and reviewing.




About Mountain:


“Mountain creates innovative, premium peripherals with a user-centric design that enables gamers to perform at their best. Their vision is for gamers to have what they need to perform, through uncompromising innovation, pioneering design, supreme quality, and customization.

“Reach Your Summit” is the mantra of Mountain.


Much like climbing a Mountain, gaming takes you on a journey that can be fun, challenging and exciting. Some may seek the thrill of climbing the most challenging slopes, while others are perfectly happy with a hike up an easily approachable mountainside. It doesn’t matter what games we play; the ascension creates the experiences and memories that we love to share, our way to the top of the Mountain.


Some of us are old school gamers, others are youngsters on the bleeding edge of the gaming industry. From Quakeworld on PC and Samurai Shodown on the Neo Geo to CS:GO and Anno 1800, we’ve played them all. We think that, like the ever-evolving PC hardware industry, competitive and recreational gaming is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.”


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