Silicon Power QI220 Qi Wireless Charging Pad Presentation

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Thanks to the inclusion of the new USB Type-C connector, the QI220 Fast Wireless charging pad from Silicon Power is only 7mm thick and is easy to carry around. The premium faux leather looks good and also does not allow the smartphone to move around while charging, in order to avoid accidents, even if our gadget does not include a protective case and has a glass back.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Wireless Charging Without Sacrifice


The QI220 crushes the misconception that wireless charging equates to slow charging. Since it's compatible with all Qi-certified devices, your Android or iOS smartphone is ready to utilize its Fast Charge capability. That means you can charge at speeds of 10W for Android or 7.5W for iOS – wirelessly. And, you won't even need to remove the case, because transmission distance is successful up to 5mm. The only thing you'll sacrifice here is wires.


The Most Convenient Way to Charge


With the QI220, you'll leave behind yesterday's wire worries. Without mismatched charging cables and messy or tangled wires, you can easily drop and charge or pick-up and go, whenever you want. It's the perfect complement to your busy, motion-focused lifestyle, whether you decide to use it at work or at home. It doesn't get any more convenient than the freedom that comes with wire-free.


It's All in The Details


The premium faux leather, top-stitch detail, and cool blue color result in a stylish design that will be sure to look good and blend in with any setting. The clear yet subtle LED light will not cause any distractions, whether it's nearby while you work, study, or sleep. The USB-C input is conveniently reversible and on-trend. And, when you're ready to take it with you, the ultra slim and lightweight design is extremely portable-friendly.


The Safest Charge Around


With the Intelligent Safe Charging function, it's impossible to overcharge your device. Set it on the charger pad and forget about it, while never worrying about the dangers of overcharging your device again; a trickle charge kicks-in when your battery nears 100%. In addition, your devices are protected from over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature, as well as foreign object detection, for the safest charge around.



Product Specifications:


Wireless Standard






Transmission Distance




DC 9V & DC 5V via USB-C



Up to 10W (max.)



150mm x 77mm x 7mm








Operating Temperature



Storage Temperature







Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Short-Circuit protection, Foreign Object Protection



12 months


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