Dream Machines DM6 Holey S Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-09-18

We have used quite a bit of mice with Pixart 3389 sensor and even some from Dream Machines (DM1 FPS, DM2 Supreme) and we knew what to expect in terms of tracking. The choice DM made to use a rubberized layer on the entire top cover of the DM6 Holey S is great for comfort and grip, but it will pick up skin oils and lint quite easily, which are quite difficult to remove after a while.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

There are more and more manufacturers nowadays which are releasing low-weight mice, ideal for competitive gaming, like the ones from Glorious PC Gaming Race. The model we are going to concentrate our attention upon today is the DM6 Holey S from Dream Machines, which also incorporates a PixArt 3389 sensor. A DM6 Holey without the S exists as well, but the only difference is a different sensor, this one incorporating the PixArt 3360.


Our sample has arrived in a medium-sized cardboard enclosure, with the graphics arrangement much improved versus the previous models from the same manufacturer; on the top cover we will observe a photo of the mouse itself, highlighting the design with a lot of holes:




The main highlights are available on the bottom area of the box:




After lifting the top cover, we will get to see that the mouse is carefully protected by foam material, but we will also spot the included leaflets:




One of the leaflets does explain the simple installation procedure:




The second leaflet does show the button for selecting the desired DPI step:



Let’s look at the main product, shall we?



The DM6 Holey S does feature perforations with a hexagonal shape on the top area of the chassis, sides but also a portion of the left and right buttons; this helps with reducing the overall weight to just under 70 grams (without the cable):



A closer look in the left/right button area and the scroll wheel will show the DPI selector button; the scroll wheel is not RGB enabled, lighting comes from another area though:



Through the hexagonal holes we can take a glimpse at the internal PCB as well:



The curved shape, rubberized layer and the holed design does offer good comfort and quite a bit of grip during longer usage sessions. The same pattern continues the left side, with two extra buttons:



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