Dream Machines DM6 Holey S Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-09-18

We have used quite a bit of mice with Pixart 3389 sensor and even some from Dream Machines (DM1 FPS, DM2 Supreme) and we knew what to expect in terms of tracking. The choice DM made to use a rubberized layer on the entire top cover of the DM6 Holey S is great for comfort and grip, but it will pick up skin oils and lint quite easily, which are quite difficult to remove after a while.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


69 reasons to be the best on the map


Weighing in at less than 70 grams, this contestant packs mean right and left hooks with top performing buttons, while its footwork is controlled by the best PWM sensor on the market. Truth be told, it's not like we specifically aimed for DM6 to weigh 69 featherweight grams… Alright, we did do that. But do you know what was done to slim Holey down? DM6 has undergone a rigorous dietary regime, shedding the weight where it was unnecessary while keeping its muscle, so you can always be certain it's ready to fight for the top!


Choose your challenger!


We get it - it's hard to choose against something that you are already familiar with. That's why you can decide between two best sensors: PixArt 3360 in DM6 Holey and PixArt 3389 in the S version. Whether you are opting for the “ol' reliable” or “picking the new kid on the block” - PixArt sensors will help you hit the mark every time!


Huano buttons - Feeling extra crisp


There is no surprise that most mouse manufacturers try to find the absolute best components for their mice. It's only logical - how else can you rise above the rest? Thus, we opted for the “tried and true” top switch performer - Huano. These bad boys not only are extremely satisfying to click, they will also last you for 20 million of them. To put that into perspective - it's a few good years of heavy usage, so there is no need to pull your punches!


Shoelace cable - Holey Moley, it's light!


Both DM6 Holey and Holey S are equipped with our hit feature – the shoelace cable. Forget batteries, forget lag or connectivity issues, forget stiff cable drag or weight getting in the way. Join us and embrace the best of both worlds!


Software - Make up your own rules


We know you like style, but what about the specifics? We have got you covered here as well! Change your DPI settings, change polling rate or play with the lights and make DM6 Holey your own. We promise not to judge… Unless you want us to, of course. Warning: we are biased. ;)


DM6 Holey - Holey, but Whole


DM6 Holey and Holey S are top in their class - 69 lightweight grams of pure power provided by PixArt sensor and Huano switches. What you get with DM6 is a “no compromise, best value” performer out there. But you don't have to believe our words - square off with the DM6 now and feel the “HOLEY POWER” yourself as you fight your way to the winner's circle! Beat your competition to the punch!



Product Specifications:


Max speed - 7.0 m/s

Polling Rate - 1000 Hz

Control - 7+ scroll

Sensor - DM6 Holey S: Optical PMW3389

USB - Gold plated

DPI - DM6 Holey S: 400, 800, 1200, 2400, 4800, 16000

LOD (lift off distance) - 1/2/3mm

Left switch - Huano 20.000.000 clicks

Right switch - Huano 20.000.000 clicks

Side switches - 3.000.000 clicks

Scroll - Huano

Size - 129 x 66 x 40 mm

Weight - 69 g (without cable)

Cable - Shoelace cable (1.8m)

Surface - Matte Black

Backlight - Scroll

Content - manual, mouse


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