Shuttle EDGE EN01J4 Robust Industry PC Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2020-08-25

With the EN01 series, Shuttle is proposing a modular PC solution for industrial use, which is easy to work with and depending on the application needs it will house different CPUs and memory quantities as well. The EN01J4 sample we have tested is a quad-core SKU which offers quite a bit of performance and comes with enough RAM in order to be able to run multiple tasks at once. The product is fanless, can be powered from either the 2-pin Euroblock or PoE (with an additional adapter) and can be also equipped with WLAN/LTE capabilities.

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At first we would like to thank Shuttle Europe for offering a sample of their latest EDGE EN01J4 Robust Industry PC for testing and reviewing.




About Shuttle:


"Shuttle Inc, founded in Taiwan in 1983, is specialised in development and production of innovative mini PCs. The joint-stock company is represented worldwide by a network of branch offices in Germany, the US and Japan. Since 2001 the attractive cube-shaped PCs have conquered nearly any field of application and have become the core business of the company headquartered in Taipei / Taiwan. Widely acclaimed by customers and press across the globe, Shuttle founds its success on effective management and long-term experience in making mainboards of highest quality standards. Since years Shuttle's mini PC barebones and fully-configured systems are the first choice of many system integrators, VARs, OEMs and ODMs banking on the high reliability and build quality. With appealing mini PC solutions Shuttle meets the requirements of consumers excellently and seeks to provide further user-friendly solutions of consumer electronics for the digital home environment."


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