Dream Machines DM2 Supreme Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-06-26

After customizing the DPI steps for a bit and adjusting the report rate to 1000Hz, we have started some sessions in Final Fantasy XIV, Smite but also Mafia II Definitive Edition. The sensor did track flawlessly, and we did really enjoy the comfortable shape of the DM2 Supreme. The mouse uses a rubberized, grippy coating on the whole surface but this one also picks up quite a bit of skin oils and dust, which are quite difficult to clean up.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


The Version Everyone Has Been Waiting For!


It's the highest quality, the best parameters, and ultimate reliability. You've been waiting for the latest version of DM2 Comfy, that's the DM2 Supreme. Better, more precise and more convenient than any competitor. We're incredibly proud of this model! This is a mouse created “by professionals for professionals."


Reach for the best - PixArt 3389 sensor.


When your winnings depend on one click, one mouse move, one decision, there is no room for mistakes. That's why DM2 Supreme will never let you down with the PixArt 3389 sensor. DM2 Supreme provides surgical precision and devilish speed of action. Never be defeated again! Acceleration - Off. Why? Acceleration is a great choice for office workers whose mice are designed to move from the center of the screen to its edges as soon as possible. As already mentioned - a great thing. It's just that players do require precision. You can't be uncertain how far your cursor can move. This ignorance is a “matter of life and death” in games.


Comfort and reliability above all.


DM2 Supreme is a model that has been designed for all who are looking for a comfortable mouse with the best parameters and a unique cable that ensures the highest quality. The best gameplay and greatest comfort distinguish our new DM2 Supreme from all others!


LOD - a perfect distance for the mouse.


We know how important LOD is at an optimal level, which is why we guarantee ~ 1.8 mm to our players. Low LOD will allow you to easily move the mouse without unwanted movements that could ruin the chance of a perfect headshot.




Product Specifications:



Max speed: 7.0 m/s

Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

Sensor: Optical PMW3389

USB: Gold plated

DPI: 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 4800, 16000

LOD (lift off distance): ~1.8 mm

Left switch: Huano 20.000.000 clicks

Right switch: Huano 20.000.000 clicks

Side switches: 3.000.000 clicks

Size: 131 x 84 x 39 mm

Weight: 94 g (without cable)

Cable: Shoelace cable (1.8m)

Surface: Matte Black

Content: manual, extra mouse feet, mouse


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