CORSAIR iCUE H115i RGB PRO XT Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by stefan @ 2020-01-30

The H115i RGB PRO XT AIO offers visible improvements over its predecessor by including an even better pump assembly and while working with the Quiet and Balanced profiles for the fans we have observed lower temperatures on the Ryzen 9 3900X in both IDLE and Full Load; we need to mention that both coolers have had similar fan speeds in this modes, the only big difference being with the Extreme profile (1131RPM vs 1491RPM on the XT).

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Dynamic Multi-Zone RGB Pump Head

Animate and layer stunning lighting effects to customize your build.


16 Individually addressable RGB LEDs light up the pump head to produce stunning, customizable lighting effects to match your build. Utilize our lighting animations, layer lighting effects to give your build a custom look, or use one of the many available user-generated presets that sync animation throughout your build for a look you can only achieve with CORSAIR components powered by iCUE.


Magnetic Levitation Fans

If NASA designed a fan – this would be it.


CORSAIR ML Series fans deliver improved airflow for extreme CPU cooling performance. Using magnetic levitation technology, CORSAIR’s ML Series provides lower noise, higher performance, and a longer lifespan. A wide control range coupled with iCUE connectivity means you can tune your cooler to stay quiet when you’re browsing but deliver performance during intense gaming sessions.


Zero RPM Mode

Quiet during light use sessions, powerful when it counts.


The Zero RPM cooling profile in CORSAIR iCUE software allow fans to stop entirely at low temperatures, eliminating fan noise completely during light use. This keeps noise to a minimum when you don’t need the full performance of your PC without sacrificing horsepower when gaming or doing other intensive tasks.


Powerful CORSAIR iCUE Software

Your Setup at Your Command.


Control and synchronize your cooler’s RGB lighting with all iCUE compatible devices, monitor CPU and coolant temperatures and adjust fan and pump speeds, all from a single intuitive interface. Make your setup stand out in style with amazing RGB lighting effects synchronized across all your components, peripherals, and external ambient lighting.


High Performance Coldplate and Pump

Advanced control options to maximize performance or minimize noise.


iCUE RGB PRO XT Series coolers are equipped with CORSAIR’s best performing pump, first seen in our top of the line PLATINUM Series, in order to deliver rock-solid thermal performance and a clear performance upgrade over our previous generation PRO Series. The pump can also be fully controlled in iCUE for Balanced performance, a noise optimized Quiet mode, or a full-bore Performance mode to get the best temperatures you can out of your processor.


Easy Installation & Wide Compatibility

PRO XT Series coolers support most modern CPU sockets.


The iCUE RGB PRO XT Series ships with the required retention to mount the cooler to high end Intel sockets such as LGA 2066, 2011-3, and 2011, as well as mainstream sockets in the 1150 family. (1150, 1151 ,1155, 1156) On the AMD side, PRO XT Series coolers support the newest AMD platforms in AM4 and sTR4, as well as legacy platforms in AM3+ and FM1 or FM2. Intel retention and AMD sTR4 retention use our standard stand-off and thumbscrew type mounting, while mainstream AMD platforms utilize the stock hook retention apparatus for easy install and maintenance.



Product Specifications:




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