Dream Machines DM4 EVO Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-01-22

After adjusting the DM4 EVO with our own preferences, we fired up Mass Effect: Andromeda, Beyond: Two Souls, Borderlands 3 and CounterStrike: Global Offensive: the PixArt 3389 sensor did track reliably at all times without any extra acceleration and thanks to the textured plastic chassis, the overall grip is pretty good. We did use the mouse with a claw grip and found the lateral buttons easy accessible; the same HUANO buttons as on the DM5 Blink are pleasant to actuate and are also quite reliable.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


-Proven PixArt 3389 sensor that is able to deliver surgical precision and great speed. Never again to be beaten by anyone. Acceleration - Excluded. Why? Acceleration is a great choice for office workers whose mice have the task of moving from the center of the screen to its brim as soon as possible. As has already been mentioned - a great thing. But not for players-players require precision. You cannot be uncertain about how far your cursor can move. This uncertainty is a matter of “life and death” in games.


-DM4 EVO, thanks to the use of the PixArt 3389 sensor, provides a range of DPI up to 16,000! As a result, even the most demanding players will find the perfect settings that will allow them to achieve the highest scores while playing. Highest precision with just one click! In addition, we have also used two other technologies to make sure that the game will be even more enjoyable. Prediction - Also has been turned off. Like acceleration, this is a nice thing for people whose activity is associated with using the mouse ends in Paint. But if you're a player, you want even the slightest left or right movement to be visible on the screen. Smoothing - Almost off. This is another one of the facilities designed to equalize the motion of the sensor and hide all delays. Of course, in the case of DM5, the delays are negligible, close to zero, and that's why we do not need smoothing that could distract the players. Simply put - the only movement you will observe is the movement that only You make!


-There is nothing worse than a stuck click. Many standard mice, in addition to the very weak sensor, have even worse buttons which often jam and after two months are not suitable for anything. That's why we've chosen the best Huano buttons on the market that have a lifespan of 20 million clicks! What does this mean in practice? Your DM5 buttons will always be ready for operation for several thousand hours. Finish the limitations, put on reliability.


-A Perfect Distance to the Highest Comfort - "We know how important it is to have the LOD be at an optimum level, which is why we guarantee our players ~ 1.8 mm. Low LOD will allow for smooth movement of the DM5 Blink mouse without unwanted movements, which could undermine the chance of that perfect headshot!


-The Weight is Ideal for Rodents - "Every gaming mouse must have the right parameters, the best sensor that ensures precision and speed of reaction, special buttons that withstand thousands of hours of intense gameplay, as well as the right shape and weight." For this reason, the DM4 EVO weighs only 97 grams to provide the best comfort during the game.


-The DM4 EVO also has a shoelace cable loved by everyone, extremely flexible, and virtually undetectable while playing. It's the perfect combination of all the best in a wireless mouse and wired mouse.


-RGB lighting provides a perfect aesthetic experience… thanks to the ability to configure up to 16 million colors! Naturally, for all people who do not like bright colors, it is possible to set a more subdued color thanks to our software and a dedicated button can turn all lighting off in a matter of seconds!



Product Specifications:


Technical specifications:

Sensor: PixArt 3389

DPI: 16000

Polling rate (max): 1000 Hz

Max speed: 7.0 m/s

LOD: 1.8 mm

Switch: HUANO Blues 20M

Scroll button: HUANO 3M

Weight: 97 (without cable)


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