CORSAIR HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2019-07-30

Given the fact that we are dealing with a much lighter construction and thanks to the memory foam fabric padded cups, the HS35 offers more comfort than the HS50 during longer gaming sessions, the only concern being that it is not as durable because of the plastic build. In terms of sound quality, the headset comes with the same custom-tuned 50mm drivers found with the higher-priced modes from the same series which are able to provide punchy bass but also good mids and highs.

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A Closer Look Part II

The 50mm drivers are covered by memory foam that features a fabric coating; it offers great comfort while you play or listen to different multimedia content and we prefer it over the faux leather on the HS50:




On the left cup we will find a small rubber cover, that hides the removable microphone port:




In the back, on the same cup, we will find the Volume control, but also a Microphone Mute button:




Soft, thick padding is available on the inside of the headband; again, we have found this type of design more comfortable than the one on the HS50:




If needed, we can extend the headband so it will fit heads of all sizes and shapes; this particular procedure will also expose the aluminum inner layer, used here for additional durability purposes:




On the inside of the headband we will also find markings representing the channel names:




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