TEAMGROUP T1 DDR4 GAMING 2x8GB DDR 2666 Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2019-06-09

The latest T-FORCE T1 memory kits from TEAMGROUP are designed for mainstream computers but also entry-level machines but even in this case, the manufacturer has used pre-screened IC chips in order to avoid stability issues and also feature pre-programmed XMP 2.0 profiles. At this price you are not getting RGB lighting or a heatspreaders (at the advertised speeds it won’t be mandatory anyways), but the modules still look quite interesting thanks to the white/red ink used on the PCB.

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At first we would like to thank TEAMGROUP for offering a sample of their T1 DDR4 Gaming Memory Kit (2x8GB 2666Mhz) for testing and reviewing.






“TEAMGROUP mainly produces its own brand of memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state disks, peripheral series, mobile accessories and industrial applications. Gaming competitions have drawn worldwide attention in the recent years, so TEAMGROUP integrated its gaming memory modules into “T-FORCE” product line which is specifically designed for people who pursuit extreme high speed and excellent performance. These products have been well received by the technology media around the globe and have won honors such as Computex Design & Innovation Awards, Best Choice Award, Good Design Product Award, Golden Pin design ?TAIWAN EXCELLENCE ? GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017 and iF Design Award 2018. In recent years, it has become the fastest growing 3C product manufacturer and has achieved global leading position. TEAMGROUP also listed company at stock exchange market in January 2019.”


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