Creative Outlier ONE Plus In-ear Headphones with Built-in MP3 Player Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2019-01-24

Creative made sure to make this product customizable so accessories were offered in order to offer plenty of comfort during your activities; in terms of Bluetooth supported codecs, this one comes with SBC only that is a bit lossy, so it is possible you will notice a bit of audio stream degradation during some tracks. This small issue will not be however present when you load up your tracks on the 4GB internal storage and the Outlier ONE Plus does support MP3 and WMA files up to 320kbps, including FLAC up to 1.3Mbps bitrate.

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Product Features

Go Solo with Built-in Music Player


Enjoy music while mid-air, go for a quick run, or pace yourself with music while you train for a marathon without distractions!


Easily drag and drop your music files using the included data cable from your PC/Mac to the headphones! The 4GB built-in music player supports high-quality FLAC and WAV, as well as MP3 and WAV formats.


Sound Blaster Connect app


The free and downloadable Sound Blaster Connect app makes it easy for you to view songs, navigate through music, and conveniently switch between Bluetooth and MP3 modes. Customize your playlists according to your preference — daily grind, cross training, and even high-intensity interval trainings!


Motivate Yourself with High-quality Sound


Engineered for crisp audio and powerful sound, Creative Outlier ONE Plus houses 6 mm Neodymium drivers optimized to deliver high-quality sound. The drivers are in-house tuned to produce well-balanced, bassy audio that is not overwhelming. Jump start the day with high-quality beats and stay motivated throughout.


High-definition Bluetooth 4.2


Expect clear, high-quality audio streaming at lower energy consumption rate and enjoy lag-free music streaming with Bluetooth 4.2 all the time.




Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds until the LED indicator light blinks red and blue.


*If you are wearing the headphones, you should be able hear the voice prompt “Bluetooth mode” about 4 seconds in.


Continue holding on to the button until you hear a second prompt “Now in Pairing Mode” after another 4 seconds. This is when the headphones is ready for pairing with your devices for the first time.


Switch on Bluetooth on your device. Outlier ONE Plus should appear on your Bluetooth pairing list. Select it to complete the pairing process.


*While in pairing mode, some devices will display the Outlier ONE Plus BLE option. Do not pair with this option and wait for the option ‘Outlier ONE Plus', which should be appear shortly for pairing.


If that does not happen, please contact us for assistance.


Long-lasting Playtime


Made to keep up with you, Outlier ONE Plus has a long-lasting battery life of up to 10 hours in MP3 mode. In Bluetooth mode, you can easily enjoy up to 7 hours of playtime. Have music accompany you through mundane commutes, day-to-day errands, and even while you are traveling!


Sweat-proof for Fitness and Exercise


Crank up your music volume and get ready for an all-out, intensive circuit training. Outlier ONE Plus is extremely durable and sweat-proof for even your toughest workout. The IPX4 certification means that it is resistant against light rain, water splashes, and your hard-earned sweat.




As you ready yourself for a sweat fest, remember to seal the control pod of the headphones securely! The cover of the USB charging port must be tightly secured in order to prevent sweat or condensation from damaging the port.


Secure and Comfortable Fit


Create the ideal set of headphones by switching up the interchangeable ear buds and secure tips to find your best fit! Outlier ONE Plus comes with 3 ear bud sizes and 2 types of secure tips to help you achieve that.




Choose an ear bud size that fits snuggly and blocks noise from the surroundings.


Fit the included secure tips to the headphones and tuck it into your ears.


Start an activity (we suggest the shake test) and test the fit. Change the sizes if necessary. Repeat the steps.


Secure Tips


For intense workouts and extreme sports, we recommend equipping the included secure tips. These tips are designed to fit to the natural shape of your ears and stay secure throughout your exercise.


Ear Buds


We've included 3 ear bud sizes simply because no one's ears are the same — including your left and right ears! Finding the right size means better fit and sound quality.


Ergonomic, Tangle-free Design


Don't let wires get in your way. The tangle-free, behind-the-neck design frees up your movement as you get from places to places with ease. At 16 g (0.56 oz), you won't even feel it there.


Drown Out Distractions


With our proprietary AuraSeal™ ear buds, drown out the distraction from outside noise and focus on your tasks at hand. These noise-isolating ear buds block out ambient noise to give you clearer sound.


Hands-free Convenience


Go hands-free with the inline remote control with built-in microphone. Easily control your music playback, answer calls, and access the MP3 playback while on-the-move.


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