Silicon Power Secure G50 USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2018-11-27

The new Secure G50 USB Flash Drive series from Silicon Power offers an additional layer of protection against data theft by utilizing AES 256-bit hardware-based full-disk encryption in XTS mode and the SP Locker application is the point of interaction for unlocking the sensitive data partition. The drive will re-lock as soon as it has been unmounted and if there have been multiple attempts to guess the password (or brute-force), the drive contents will be erased in order to avoid data leakage.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Your Defense Against Data Leaks and Online Hacking


The Secure G50 flash drive defends your personal information and data from hackers and corporate data leaks by keeping your data safe in one secure location. With cloud storage becoming riskier and the need for data-protection policies like General Data Protection Regulation -GDPR from the European Union becoming more common, it is time to protect your data from a complex world with protection you can keep safe in your hand.


Secure G50


The Secure G50 enhances the level of data security. This drive secures all your data with AES 256-bit hardware-based full disk encryption in XTS mode, offering much stronger data protection over ECB and CBC to prevent unauthorized access.


Password Lock Easy Setup


The Secure G50 also features superior password protection that the drive locks down and reformats automatically after 10 intrusion attempts. All your data will be deleted to protect against data leakage. It is easy to set up your password without requiring application or driver installation.


Software Encryption and Cloud Storage for Extra Protection


Users can download data management software for free ? SP Widget, for software-based encryption, data backup and cloud storage functions. It allows you to lock files and folders with passwords, to set up scheduled backup or to manage files on Dropbox. Even if the drive is stolen or destroyed, the data remains safe.


Compatible with Major Operating Systems


The Secure G50 works with Windows systems and Mac OS, so users can transfer files between multiple systems without installing a program on every computer used.



Product Specifications:


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