Creative Outlier Black Bluetooth Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2018-05-20

After wearing the Outlier Black for a while, we were impressed how light it does feel and comfortable, given its choice of materials (mostly plastic). The custom-tuned 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers do sound really nice while playing music of different kinds and did not distort even at medium to high volume levels. The headset does use a SBC audio codec in Bluetooth mode; when you do choose to playback audio content only, you won’t have any quality issues, but as soon as we did enable the headset to take phone calls, the quality has dropped. We would recommend using the Creative Outlier Black with the AUX-in cable for phone calls, because you won’t have any quality drops this way.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Designed for Comfort


Clad in a minimalistic all-black design, Creative Outlier Black features an adjustable cushion-lined headband designed to fit securely along the contours of your head. The plush leatherette-padded ear cushions cradle your ears with a comfortable and tight seal for long-wearing comfort.


Basics never looked so good!


Extend Your Music Playtime


Continue using the headphones even when the battery runs low! The Creative Outlier Black comes with a 3.5mm AUX-in port and an included AUX-in cable for extended playtime in passive mode.


Keep your music on a loop!


Stay Free with Wireless


Enjoy unrestricted freedom with Creative Outlier Black. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows for smooth and reliable audio transmission for the best listening experience.


Move freely, keep the music going.




Bring your music to life! The custom-tuned, full-range driver housed in each headphone delivers powerful audio performance for an immersive listening experience. Great music on-the-go.


Hands-free Convenience


Make a call or send a message hands-free! Activate Siri or Google Now by double pressing on the play button while connected via Bluetooth. The one-touch button and built-in invisible microphone2 located on the earcup also allows you to access music playback and calls control without having to reach for your phone!


Go Places with Music


Designed for urban life, the Outlier Black is lightweight at 190g (6.7 oz) with a foldable headband design for hassle-free portability. Its lightness makes it perfect for all-day wear even during extended listening sessions, especially during commute.


Your Music Companion


Enjoy quality music with Outlier Black wherever you go with a long-lasting battery life of up to 13 hours on a single charge! You can easily charge the headphones via the micro USB cable provided. Never be out of music.



Product Specifications:



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