SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2018-04-10

The sound quality is similar to the Arctis 5 and 7, mainly because these come with the same drivers and did not distort even at higher volume levels; the bass levels can be fully customized, while the 7.1 effect is nice to have in movies, but also in games. The solution SteelSeries is offering to the customer in this case is similar to the Razer Surround Personalized 7.1 Gaming Audio Software, and after you do activate the code on your SS account, you will be able to utilize the effects on any other set of headphones. Thanks to its rated 28-hour battery life, Arctis 3 Bluetooth can become your all-day listening companion, without the need of switching with other models; depending on the connectivity options of your audio source, you only need to switch cables and off you go!


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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The initial Arctis line did arrive with the 3,5 and 7 headset series: we did take a look at the Arctis 5 which did feature RGB lighting, USB and analog connections, 7.1 virtual surround sound but also ChatMix. Next was the Arctis 7 (considered as flagship), which did communicate on a lossless 2.4G connection with its dongle and had both USB and analog connections available. As the Arctis 5, it did support ChatMix, but it dropped RGB illumination.

In this article we will concentrate our attention upon the upgraded Arctis 3 model with Bluetooth capabilities; this model is handy for people which are frequently on-the-go but also can benefit from added software features when they perform office work (via SteelSeries Engine 3).

The product was shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard enclosure that featured the usual SteelSeries box art signature:




On one of the box sides, we are shown connectivity options for different consoles but also Mac platforms, mobile devices; the Nintendo Switch procedure is explained separately:




On the backside of the box, SteelSeries does explain that this particular model helps when moving frequently from the office environment to outside, thanks to the Bluetooth capabilities. For example, when we do get tired after a long gaming session or productivity work, we can simply unplug the stereo cable and connect our mobile devices while enjoying the nature surroundings:




After unsealing the packaging, we will get to see that the artwork will continue on the inside:




Arctis 3 Bluetooth does resemble the Arctis 5 model, with the fully adjustable sky band, the comfortable earcups, retractable microphone but also the overall low weight:




The outer side of each cup does feature a rubberized layer, but also a grey SS logo:





The retractable microphone does feature a bidirectional pattern, a frequency response between 100Hz and 10000Hz, a sensitivity of -48 db, but also an impedance of 2200 Ohm:






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