ECS Z370-LIGHTSABER LGA1151 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1151 by stefan @ 2018-01-13

The Z370-LIGHTSABER motherboard from ECS is an improvement in terms of functionality and overclocking versus the previous generations; we have been able to overclock our 8600K i5 to about 4.8GHz by setting a VCore of 1.35V inside the UEFI interface, but because of the missing VDroop compensation levels, the voltage did drop quite a bit to about 1.243V at maximum load. With our G.SKILL TridentZ 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 kit, we were unable to run the pre-programmed XMP profile, so we needed to downclock a bit to about 3100MHz in order to get a fully stable, bootable system.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Windows 10 Workable support

14 Phase Power Design

Supports Intel® K Series unlock CPU

Applied 100% Solid capacitor design to maximize component reliability

ECS Durathon Technology ensure the stability, reliability and performance of system.

ESD Protection prevents computers from electrostatic discharge damage to enhance its durability and lifespan

ECS EZ charger provides a fast way to charge your smart devices, even if the PC is off

Supports GUI UEFI for tweaking BIOS in Graphical interface within a multi-language environment

ECS MIB X - A friendly interface for overclocking, especially for gamer

Supports DirectX® 12 to enhance graphical performance

Supports AMD CrossFire™ to expand your system’s graphics capabilities.

Supports Intel® HD Graphics

Supports Display Port 1.2 Technology

Supports Intel® Optane™ technology

LED Trace Path with Multi-Color Choice by MCU (Microcontroller Unit)

ECS Intelligent EZ Utility : eBLU, eDLU, eSF



Product Specifications:


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