Be Quiet Shadow Rock TF2 Air Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2018-01-29

Be Quiet introduced at Computex 2017 their latest addition in air coolers, the Shadow Rock TF2. The Top Flow 2 is an optimized version of the original Shadow Rock TF, dating back from 2012; a TDP of 160W is achieved by redesigning the cooling fins now being directly linked to the base plate. Adding an extra copper heat pipe allow the new TF2 to be superior in heat dissipation than its predecessor. The new Shadow Rock TF2 is also more compatible with a wider range of enclosures due being 14mm lower in height; let us have a closer look at the latest Be Quiet addition!

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Be Quiet has an easy way of labeling their air cooled products, dividing them into three classes:

  • Pure Rock: Entry level quiet coolers (2 single tower coolers)
  • Shadow Rock: Premium coolers at an attractive price (Single Tower, Top Flow and Low profile models)
  • Dark Rock: High performance coolers (Single & double tower and Top flow model)

The Shadow Rock premium series include single-tower, slim, top-flow and low-profile cooler designs. They deliver exceptionally high cooling performance and remarkably quiet operation, all at highly attractive prices in the premium CPU cooler segment. Whether your PC is built for advanced gaming, demanding graphics applications or hi-res multimedia functionality, Shadow Rock coolers will impress you with their combination of features and price point.

Today we introduce to you the Top Flow model, the Shadow Rock TF2. Why a Top Flow cooler model? Well these models allow better cooling dissipation in enclosures with restricted space; most medium or high end Tower coolers are in general higher than 140mm, meaning your favorite enclosure must be wide enough to support the cooler of preference.



Be Quiet packaging is always as good as it can get. A great professional box art stressing the 160W Thermal Design Power (TDP) capacity of the Shadow Rock TF2. The 135mm fan came preinstalled so the TF 2 cooler is almost ready to go!




Even though the above spec chart from the Be Quiet website doesn't list it, the latest versions of the TF2 support Ryzen processors (AM4)!

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