Be Quiet Silent Loop 360 AIO CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2017-12-29

At Computex 2017, Be Quiet introduced to the press an upcoming addition to their Silent Loop AIO series, the 360 model, featuring as you could have guessed a massive 360 radiator. The new flagship should top the cooling performance of the 240 and even the 280 model. Be Quiet has received many awards over the last decade and has established itself as one of the market leaders in quiet, yet powerful power supplies and processor cooling gear. Especially their Silent Wings fan series are loved by watercooling purists as these fans feature an excellent combination between airflow/pressure and silent operation. Time to open the box Be Quiet send to the MadShrimps lab. We were keen to test the new 360 Silent Loop version.

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A Closer Look Part I


Biggest novelty must be the reverse-flow pump design in Be Quiet's first AIO line-up: to reduce vibrations and noise to the max the fluid flow has been inverted. Instead of pushing the water onto the cold plate, the fluid flow is directed from the outer cavity, going upwards over the cold plate and the warmer fluid exits through a second level. The drawing below tells more than a thousand words ever could do.




Since these Silent Loops are expandable, which is a big plus over the real closed solutions from e.g. Corsair and Antec, a refill port is required.  The Silent Loop pump design is really small in design, with the hoses coming out of the top off the pump unit. Instead off using the swiveling versions of the Kelvin version (pictured on the left) this means less parts are prone to fail. So Be Quiet achieves to reduce cost and enhances socket/DIMM clearance. The tubing used is so flexible that the strain on the pump top is minimized. Secondly tubing bending is no problem either thanks to the coil springs.



The cold plate is nickel plated making it a more scratch resistant. Below are the non nickel plated ones from the Cooler Master Eisberg on the left and the Kelvin S series on the right. The resemblance seems pretty clear :); all the aforementioned have the same origin: designed and manufactured by Alphacool Germany.



Let us take a look at the radiator, fans and accessories on the next page ->

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