CORSAIR Commander PRO Build Review

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The CORSAIR Commander PRO controller makes your live easier if you want to connect lots of compatible RGB fans inside the case, LED strips, but also control the LED light show in detail. The device permits monitoring of system temperatures from the included thermistors, but also connect other LINK-compatible hardware to the dual USB 2.0 headers. It measures 133mm x 69mm x 15.5mm so its slim form factor allows installation in most computer cases.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

Commander PRO from Corsair, paired with CORSAIR LINK is a complete solution for controlling and taking readings of your entire LINK-compatible ecosystem: fans, LED strips, AIOs, PSUs and more. A few months back, we did a separate review on the CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO, so we won’t discuss about this component in detail; we will begin our project description with the HD140 RGB fan set, that also comes with a controller of its own and thanks to the independent 12 RGB LEDs it is able to deliver quite a show!




On the back side of the box, CORSAIR has noted the main product features, but also the in-depth technical specifications; we are seeing the rated current of each fan as being 0.30A with the LEDs off, 0.47A with the LEDs on, a rated speed between 600 and 1350RPM, does come with a CFM of 74, while the sound level was measured as 28.6 dBA:




In the box, we are able to spot the fans packaged separately, but we will also get a separate accessory enclosure:




The HD140 RGB fans do come with nine blades, while a CORSAIR logo is placed in the middle:




On the sides, the manufacturer has placed rubber pads, in order to help with vibration dampening:




The independent RGB LEDs are placed on the frame, in order to create an interesting effect while the fans are running:




The semi-transparent frame layer can be seen on both sides, while the inner frame is black:




The back side of the fan does feature a similar construction; in the middle area though, CORSAIR has placed the power rating specifications:




The HD140 RGB fans do come not with one, but two separate connectors: one is the regular PWM (4-pin), while the other gets plugged to the RGB fan hub:




Here is the rest of the fan bundle we are receiving inside the box:




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