CHERRY B.UNLIMITED 3.0 Keyboard & Mouse Kit Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2017-09-20

If you are looking for a good quality wireless mouse and keyboard set and would like to use it for any activities except gaming, then you are in luck! B.UNLIMITED 3.0 from CHERRY does come with a very good battery life, a full-sized SX switch keyboard (low excursion) and an ergonomic ambidextrous mouse with two DPI settings that can be adjusted without any extra software. Its low sell price is another strong point of this product, the B.UNLIMITED 3.0 kit being available for just about 63 Euros (rechargeable batteries included).

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Durable abrasion-proof laser inscription of key caps

USB cable charging function for both keyboard & mouse - even when in use

Designed for continuous usage - over 20 mill. confirmations per key

High-quality, pre-charged NiMH batteries from GP with a very low self-discharge

Almost interference-free wireless 2.4 GHz technology (range of up to 10 metres)

Data transmission using 128-bit encryption, complying to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Multi-station capability operation of several wireless products in one room

3-button mouse: infrared sensor and adjustable resolution (1,000/2,000 dpi) with ergonomic side panels

Easy to install, requiring no technical knowledge

Keyboard awarded the "Blauer Engel" environmental seal


Product Specifications:


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