DOOGEE Shoot 1 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2017-07-28

With the Shoot 1, DOOGEE is proposing a low-cost dual back shooter solution for producing bokeh-like photos and at the same time we are getting a nice 5.5’’ FHD display manufactured by SHARP, a high capacity 3300mAh battery, a MT6737T quad-core SoC, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of eMMC. The ARM Mali-T720 MP2 SoC runs at 600Mhz and is unable to provide a smooth 3D gaming experience in more complex games such as Asphalt 8, but simpler titles such as Angry Birds will work just fine. Current firmware versions do sport malware for an unknown reason (which can be removed), but also a weird issue regarding switching microphones after each OS reboot, a problem that should be addressed by DOOGEE ASAP.

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Product Highlights

Wide aperture photos, select focus and depth of field


All you have to do is to select the area you want to have in focus and adjust the depth of field; the embedded feature does allow you to blur the background as needed.


Camera app lets you know if one of the lenses is covered


In order to be able to produce wide aperture photos, Shoot 1 makes use of the dual camera system; if one of the lens is covered, a message will appear inside the application


Dual LED Flash for more light and accurate color reproduction


A dual LED flash can provide the photographer with more light for the shot, also enabling to take photos further away.


PDAF phase-detection auto-focus, 0.17s focus time


Thanks to the Samsung sensor, PDAF only needs one operation in order to focus, which means less blurry shots in good light conditions.


8MP frontal selfie camera, for day and night conditions


The selfie camera is tuned for taking good photos even in lower than optimal light conditions; for the shutter, we can use the filter which automatically takes photos when we do smile or the fingerprint sensor. After the shot has been taken, custom beauty settings can be applied.


One-tap beauty and fashion make-up


The camera application does have included various filters that can be applied after the photo was taken.


View the world in SHARP 5.5’’ FHD display


The Shoot 1 smartphone packs a beautiful 5.5 FHD display manufactured by SHARP, which does come with a 96% NTSC color saturation and a 1400:1 contrast ratio.


DTouch, the most convenient fingerprint


For this particular model, DOOGEE has chosen to include a front-facing fingerprint sensor right on the physical frontal button, and for it we can also assign different other actions.


Powerful quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 256GB expansion


The DOOGEE Shoot 1 smartphone is equipped with a mainstream 1.5GHz quad-core SoC for low power consumption. As memory expansion, we can include microSDXC cards up to 256GB!


Quick charge technique and 5V at 2A fast charge


Thanks to the more powerful charger and fast charge technology, the battery will be replenished in a much shorter time frame.


Turn on LED torch while the screen is still locked


If you do long press the Home button while the screen is locked, the flashlight will start to operate.


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