ROCCAT Leadr Wireless Multi-Button RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2017-07-06

While the multitude of button placement may discourage some mainstream users but also entry-level gamers and would state they will never use these or are somewhat hard accessible, this is not the case! ROCCAT made sure that the button placement is optimal and we have had absolutely no problems accessing the ones placed on the left panel with games such as Kritika Online or Black Deset Online. The sets of buttons on the left and right side of the usual left/right click buttons need some time to get used to, while the Easy-Shift[+] function button can be accessed very conveniently.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


ROCCAT® Owl-Eye optical sensor - unrelenting pointer precision with 12000dpi

Next-gen button layout - featuring X-Celerator analog paddle + Fin Switch

Unrivalled wireless optics - zero lag: 1000Hz polling + 20h battery

Charging dock & top-up cable - charging dock with status LEDs

ROCCAT® Easy-Shift[+]™ - button duplicator technology

Two-level RGB illumination - customizable light system, 16.8m colors

14 ergonomic mouse buttons - programmable + solid 2D Titan Wheel

32-Bit Processor - for rapid macro execution

ROCCAT® Swarm powered - comprehensive driver & software suite


Product Specifications:


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