Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2017-06-21

As the high-end Sound BlasterX H7 headset, the H5 Tournament Edition does offer a comfortable and light chassis, which does incorporate large 50mm drivers. The TE version drivers do feature extra tuning in order to obtain clear and loud audio output, a fact that does not only benefit gamers, but also people who watch lots of multimedia content.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

In this article, we will concentrate our attention upon one of the latest gaming headset models from Creative: the Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition. This specific model is practically an upgraded version of the previously launched H5, with upgraded drivers, a new microphone, while keeping the other goodies available to the user. The product is shipped inside a Sound BlasterX themed cardboard enclosure, which does feature the main product highlights on the top cover, along with the compatible platforms; we are talking about an analog Stereo headset, so the list of compatible devices is quite large:




On one of the box sides, we will get to see the highlights explained, in different languages:




The opposite packaging area does advertise the software BlasterX Lite solution that does work with any sound card/CODEC available on the system and is meant to add extra filters. A more recommended upgrade of this solution is the Sound BlasterX G1 mini USB sound card, which can deliver true 7.1 HD surround sound:




The main headset components are also explained on the bottom area of the packaging; here we will also learn of the product manufacturing date along with the serial numbers:




After removing the two plastic seals, we are able to check out the inside contents:




On the top layer, the H5 Tournament Edition headset is held secure inside a black custom plastic mold:




The bottom layer is holding the accessory box:




The Sound BlasterX H5 TE presents itself with an all-black color scheme and features a durable reinforced aluminum chassis with a low overall weight, for ensuring a comfortable fit during longer gaming sessions:




The exterior portions of the ear cups are covered by a brushed aluminum cover, an aspect which gives the product a professional look:




The rest of the cup chassis is made of light black plastic, while on the top we can observe a grill, part of the audio optimization process:




On each side of the headrest, we can spot an inscription of the respective audio channel, so we would place the product correctly on our heads before use:




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