Corsair Lighting Node PRO Review

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Paired with the Corsair LINK software, the Lighting Node PRO is an easy way to equip your computer case with configurable LED lighting strips. The strips do feature mounting tape backings and are also magnetic in order to be kept secure onto the chassis. The “brains” is composed of a small box which does feature two separate channels for connecting not only the supplied strips, but is also compatible with the HD RGB LED hubs, for even more flexibility.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Dual Channel Lighting


Control four individually addressable RGB LED strips and up to six HD RGB or SP RGB fans (sold separately, fan RGB LED hub required) simultaneously.


Individually Addressable RGB LED Strips


Each RGB LED strip is independently controlled - display different lighting effects and animations on each strip separately.


Multiple Mounting Options


The RGB LED strips have both mounting tape backings and magnets built into the strips to mount, making installation simple.


USB 2.0 Interface


No special interface or additional hardware is required to use the Lighting Node PRO to its full potential; plug it into an available USB 2.0 header on your motherboard.




Combining the CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO and LINK software give you full control over your case lighting right from your desktop.



Product Specifications:


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