Shuttle XPC nano NS02A Android Fanless PC Review

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The 0.5-litre NS02A fanless Android miniPC from Shuttle is able to perform wonderfully for its main intended tasks, which are digital signage and Thin Client applications. It is approved for 24/7 operation, does feature an operation temperature range between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius, while we have to thank the Rockchip RK3368 SoC for the very low power consumption. The Android 5.1.1 distribution is running on the box, which is well optimized and many unnecessary applications have been removed, including the Google Play frameworks.

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Product Features, Specifications Part I

Product Features:


HDMI interface

Goodbye cable spaghetti! Modern flat-screen TVs and large-format TFT screens can be connected to this Mini-PC with just a single thin cable. Often the audio output is also transferred in brilliant quality via the HDMI cable.


Multiformat card reader

At last – no more searching for missing digital camera leads. Simply insert the memory card and you can access all stored photos and videos immediately.


Anti-theft protection

The Kensington Lock forms part of the anti-theft system. As with many other Notebooks, this Mini-PC can also be safely locked, ensuring long-term enjoyment from your Shuttle product.


Fan-less external power supply

A highly effective external power supply provides the Shuttle Mini-PC with its energy. And since it works without a fan, it is completely noise-free.


Connections without all those annoying cables

Data is transferred by WLAN completely without cables. Accessing the Internet and local network resources (e.g. printers) is now child's play when within range of an access point/hotspot.


Low energy consumption

Thrift is a virtue. In terms of power consumption this Mini-PC sets an example. It is not just good for the environment but for your pocket, too.


Securely attached

The practical VESA mounting surface on the back of the device enables it to be attached to monitor arms or wall mounts. The VESA format is standardised, making it suitable for most mounts.



Product Specifications:



PC system with a black plastic chassis

Dimensions: 141 x 141 x 29 mm (LWH) = 577 ml

Weight: 0.27 kg net, 0,65 kg gross

Hole for Kensington Lock


24/7 nonstop operation

Approved for 24/7 permanent operation


Operation System

Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) pre-installed


Installed Software: Shuttle DS Player

This player software plays digital signage content which was previously created and uploaded with the Shuttle DS Creator software.


Free app: Shuttle DS Creator 2.0

Use this free app on your phone or tablet to upload digital signage content such as scrolling text, pictures, videos and website links to your Shuttle XPC nano NS02A. Connection happens using WLAN within the local network.

For Android: download from Google Play (requires Android 4.2.X or later)

For Apple: download from the App Store (requires iOS 8.0 or later)


Special Features

+ Supports hardware solution for auto power on


+ Supports wake-up and shut-down by time setting

+ Supports screen rotation

+ Supports video output scaler function (zoom in/out)



Rockchip RK3368 Octa Core Cortex-A53

64-bit SoC with NEON coprocessor

28 nm HKMG process

Clock speed: 1.5 GHz max.

Integrated Graphics

PowerVR SGX6110 GPU

Clock speed: up to 600 MHz

Supports OpenGL ES3.1 and OpenCLES3

Video Hardware Decoder supports:

- 4Kx2K@30fps with H.264 coding

- 4Kx2K@60fps with H.265 coding

- 1080p@30fps with H.264/MVC/VP8 coding

Note: 4K UHD video playback 60 Hz refresh rate (2160p/60Hz)

is only supported with an H.265 decoder


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