Cougar ATTACK X3 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2017-01-23

With the ATTACK X3 RGB, Cougar is introducing another affordable peripheral to the market which houses the reliable Cherry MX RGB switches and we have additional flexibility of choice between four different types: Black, Brown, Blue and Red. The keyboard is quite light for a mechanical model at just 0.9 Kg and features a 1.8m long braided USB cable with gold-plated USB ports, as we have seem with other high-end peripherals. Thanks to the brushed aluminum top plate, the chassis of the ATTACK X3 RGB is reinforced, but also thanks to this layer, the LED lighting reflection looks even better.

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At first we would like to thank Cougar and for offering us a sample of the ATTACK X3 RGB Gaming Keyboard for testing and reviewing.





About Cougar:


“Created in 2007 by a group of engineers, COUGAR has been devoted since its first day to a single objective: to endow every single product with a superb quality, a rich functionality and a distinctive design. This aspiration moved us during our first years in the PC case, PSU and fan market. Our efforts bore their fruits in the form of user satisfaction, many praising reviews and prestigious design awards such as the 2010 design & innovation award, organized by iF at Computex Taipei 2010.”




“Caseking is a leading European distributor of exclusive top brands and a renowned online-retailer for unique and extravagant computer hardware and accessories, founded in 2003 and continuously growing. Headquartered in Berlin, Caseking’s base of operation is a vast modern logistics centre of 10.000m² storage area in the Charlottenburg district.


As the name Caseking suggests, a plethora of the eponymous PC enclosures in varying forms and fashions play a central role in Caseking’s product range, which is supplemented by a large array of modding items for individualisation purposes and personal design.”


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