Cougar IMMERSA Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2017-01-02

Cougar are not supporting 7.1 software audio for this model since it is a stereo version, but it comes with bass-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers which are great in games, while needing a bit of tuning from the sound source in order to be pleasant for watching the rest of multimedia content. The product does also feature an in-line remote which is not intrusive and allows adjustment of the Volume on-the-fly, along with the microphone mute function. The supplied ear cups are large and provide comfort even longer gaming sessions, while the headband is automatically adjustable, as we have seen with other high-end headsets.

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Impressions and Conclusive Thoughts

We did start testing the IMMERSA by connecting it to our Creative Sound Blaster ZxR and playing several music videos from YouTube. Right away, we have noticed that the drivers were specifically tuned for lower frequencies so expect more bass from the start versus the Siberia 800/840 series from SteelSeries. Since most sound cards feature the ability to work with the EQ, we could easily adjust it to get optimal results for listening to music and/or movies, TV shows.

Since the headset was built for gaming, we did reset the EQ again to its default values and ran DOOM but also Battlefield and Batman Arhkam Knight: we did really enjoy the sound of the explosions, bullet firing and the rest of the shooter-specific sound effects.


The retractable microphone was easy to work with and we could be heard clearly on the other side via Skype conference, while playing Black Desert for over two hours.


IMMERSA is compatible amongst a large range of devices thanks to the supplied 4-pole splitter, offered inside the packaging, free of charge.


The Cougar IMMERSA headset can be found online for as low as 44 Euros, a price which make them accessible to all.


Cougar IMMERSA Stereo Gaming Headset is Recommended for:


We would like to thank again to Cougar and for making this review possible!




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