Creative iRoar Go Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2016-11-28

The iRoar Go Bluetooth Speaker is another impressive release from Creative which was built upon the already successful design of its older brothers, but features a smaller footprint, while keeping the active drivers at the same diameter. We can play back music on it via Bluetooth, have it connected to our PC for listening to music and conferencing thanks to the integrated microphone, connect an external sound source via Aux In, use an USB Flash Drive with audio in order to play it back easily but it is also supplied with a microSD card slot as another resource from where we can listen to music. Additionally, we can use the internal battery to charge our mobile devices on USB (up to 1A output), install a 3rd party microphone in order to enhance the recording quality and also work with the audio profiles thanks to the Creative Sound Blaster Connect desktop and mobile applications. As Creative does mention, the newly-released iRoar Go is not afraid of water and is splash-resistant with an IPX6 rating.

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Conclusive Thoughts

We have tested the device in different modes in order to analyze the sound quality and ease of use: USB connection via PC, Bluetooth from our smartphone to play music, Bluetooth connection for taking calls, installed a microSDHC card filled with music in order to play it back on the iRoar Go, but also connected it on analog to our Sound Blaster ZxR soundcard. Voice prompt messages are also here for ease of use, but when not needed, we can always disable them by using the application interface. Despite the fact that the iRoar Go is noticeably smaller than the Roar 2 speaker, we have found that it delivers a similar listening experience at average volume with one small exception: the iRoar Go seems that it can deliver a bit more bass versus the Roar 2, with ROAR inactive but also activated. The bi-amplified design is also welcome here, which implies one amplifier for the 2.5’’ mid-bass central driver, but also one for the dual 1.5’’ tweeter drivers; iRoar Go however, can distort a bit near max volume, if the audio content is more bass-oriented.


The product is featuring a large 5200 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery which provides up to 12 hours of listening at average volume levels, while a full charge with the provided adapter should take about 3 hours. The iRoar Go cannot be charged though via the micro USB port, so we will need to always bring the supplied charger with us. The internal battery does also have the purpose of charging other devices on USB since it can supply on the USB port 5V at 1A.


Speaking of the USB port for connecting to our computer, with the Roar 2 we did have a small switch which could be used for enabling USB Mass Storage; in this mode we were able to copy audio content to the SD Card without the need of removing it and doing the same thing separately; this feature seems to have been removed from the iRoar Go but possibly a future firmware update will enable it in the future.


We can record audio right to the inserted USB Flash Drive or microSDHC/SDXC card thanks to the included microphone, which sounds a bit average as we have seen from our tests. One interesting feature that can bump the recording quality quite a bit is the ability to install our own microphone to it.


One other advertised feature is SuperWide technology, which is actually able to deliver a larger sound stage. We can easily enable this profile from the mobile application or from our PC and can be experienced optimally when the iRoar Go stays in a horizontal position (so the drivers are facing upwards); we recommend using the speaker in a vertical position when we would like to have a more focused experience towards us, while the controls in its back are easier to reach.


Since this is a product mainly aimed for outside use, we do surely welcome the water-splash resistant feature. The iRoar Go has been tested internally and gained the IPX6 rating.


This is another feature-rich product from Creative which does not disappoint at all; we can purchase it online for about 178.3 Euros.


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We would like to thank again to Creative for making this review possible!



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