In Win 303 ATX Mid-Tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2016-11-04

For those that are not familiar with any of the In Win products, let us describe the Taiwan-based In Win company as a luxurious enclosure manufacturer, using high quality components, especially in their exclusive designs. If you want a case that stands out from the crowd their gamma will for sure have a model that will perfectly suit your needs. The In Win 805 we reviewed was a premium case with tempered glass all around; In Win even has more classy looking models in their lineup than the 909 full-tower model we also tested. Each year at Computex they have an absolute stunning case or prototype on display and they are accumulating the awards year after year. Normally an exclusive design goes hand in hand with a beefy price tag, however with the 303 In Win launches a high grade mid-tower enclosure that is sort of affordable. Time to open the box and see what this In Win 303 has got in store for us.

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The In Win 303 surprised us straight out of the box with its dedicated PSU Chamber design, relocating the Power Supply back to the top of the case, a position we were acquainted with, almost a decade ago, however the power supply is now mounted in an upright position. This way the power supply can aid to expel the heat from the top part of the case. The In Win engineers have designed this case with a bottom to top airflow in mind as no front air flow is provided. Our quick temp measuring with the Haswell DC i7-4790K setup did not reveal any big weaknesses. Remember the IN WIN 303 is equipped with only one silent rear fan, plenty of fans can be optionally installed. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of these bottom to top air flow scenarios, as a lot more dust will be attracted this way.  It is plain logic that the big bottom dust filter has got a lot of work to do to keep the innards clean.



The build quality is great again, allowing easy install, just the small gap on the tempered glass side panels left us a bit clueless. Why not seal it like with the 805 series model? Secondly the top position of the radiator of your favorite AIO or DIY kit is debatable too.  To specify it is not the mounting system itself but the way the hot air has to get out of the case which puts some frowns on my forehead. The side-panel only has these small honeycomb cut-outs, making it look really professional, yet we are not fully convinced on their thermal effectiveness. Also as explained in the build section maybe it would be cool to be able to mount any AIO radiator in the dedicated PSU chamber. Keeping in mind this would limit your options of possible PSU and idem ditto radiator models (240 max), but it would allow for an ultra clean build.

Storage wise the In Win 303 is standard, allowing installation of up to five 2.5 inch drives. Another option is to use up to three 2.5" versions and two 3.5" HDD models. Too bad the 3.5 inch drives, which run the hottest, are sandwiched between the motherboard tray and the side panel. These are the drives that one might want to have direct access too, only way to reach them is to remove the side panel. Optical drives are still a no go in In Win land.



The 303 model is In Win's entry level high grade mid-tower models. Sporting high end materials, yet remaining affordable. It is not dead cheap, nevertheless 100 euro's is a balanced price for an enclosure of this quality. Due to the design it has some minor hardware limitations that we highlighted above.  If this not one of your concerns than we can highly recommend the In Win 303, as it combines aesthetics, that minimalistic sleek design with usage of high end  materials. The tempered glass side panel and the neon front lights just add that little extra to the finishing touch. Nice to see In Win trying to innovate things and daring to push it to another level. An exclusive case at a fair price, what more could one ask for?




  • High quality materials
  • Tempered Glass side panel
  • Graphics cards supported up to 350mm
  • Sleek minimalistic design
  • Price



  • No optical drive support
  • Sandwiched 3.5 HDD drives
  • Not recommended for any Water Cooling



Thanks to Katerina from In Win for providing us with the 303 sample, Christoper from MSI for the motherboard, Nils from Seasonic for the Power supply and Xander from Technik Pr for the Be Quiet Silent Loop.






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