Noreve Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Cover (Tradition E - 21172TE) Review

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This second case from Noreve we took a look at is being offered with the same high quality we have been expecting from them and was meant especially for people who want to get faster access to the touch screen interface, where with the Tradition – 21172T model there was a delay in access because of the top cover. The product is offered in eight finishing types, each with its own colors and may require some extra days of manual labor, depending on the complexity.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

It is time to check out another quality leather protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S6, also made by Noreve but this time their Tradition E – 21172TE model which does only imply the back cover. The product is available with the following leather types:


-Evolution (PU – Synthetic leather)

-Perpetuelle (Smooth leather)

-Ambition (Grained leather)

-Exception (Nubuck suede-like leather)

-Pulsion (Fluo leather)

-Illumination (Patent leather)

-Horizon (Special handworked leather)

-Patine (Elegance made by the effects of time)


The sample we have received is the Perpetuelle, in Nappa-Black color (there are 11 more colors to choose from) and has arrived with a sealed packaging as before:



We can see the Noreve specific design starting with the enclosure the back cover ships in, which is a combination of red and black colors, while the product logo is located in the middle:



On the side, we will be able to spot an additional sticker which provides the customer with the full product code name (which also includes the finishing type), the serial number, the smartphone model this case was meant for but also the color of the case:



The Noreve cases are also wrapped inside a signature textile bag, which do have a black company logo available in the middle; on the inside of the top cover we are able to spot the pictogram of the iconic St. Tropez Church Clock Tower:



The Perpetuelle finishing of the Tradition E – 21172TE back cover implies usage of smooth leather, which gives your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone a more professional look; the case does also offer an additional protective layer for both sides and the back:



Let’s have a quick look at the provided case cut-outs:


Top (IR Sensor, Microphone Port)

Right (Power Button/SIM Tray)

Bottom (Headphone Jack, USB Port, Microphone Port, Loudspeaker Grill)


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