CHERRY MW 2310 Wireless Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2016-10-03

The CHERRY MW 2310 was clearly not thought for high-end gamers, but occasional gaming and plenty of office work is fully doable; we get an infrared sensor which resolution up to 2000 DPI, wireless 2.4GHz technology, incredible battery life, the possibility to use the product with only one battery at a time, symmetrical design for ambidextrous usage but also two programmable buttons via the supplied software.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


5-button mouse: infrared sensor and adjustable resolution (1000/1500/2000 dpi)

Nano USB receiver: able to stay in the notebook permanently

Long battery lifespan* thanks to energy-efficiency infrared sensor (*Using the supplied batteries, each with 2200mAh, allows a service life of 733 hours (at 6 mA) to be achieved. Assuming the mouse is used constantly for one hour a day and 230 work days a year, you will only need to change the battery after approx. 3 years)

Optimized for both left-handed and right-handed operation

Elegant touch due to the chrome plated scroll wheel with non-slip rubber coating

Simple installation; no technical knowledge required

Almost interference-free wireless 2.4 GHz technology (range of up to 10 meters)



Product Specifications:



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